About US

RUSH is founded by Shane Getutua in 19th March 2019 together with its co-founder Joselito Navarro and co-founder Jess Rodinas with its Board of Directors Dr. Alberto Solis and Edgar Catarongan. RUSH is managed and controlled by RUSH Global Inc. Management Group, a newly formed company with a highly trained and experienced staff to manage and to compete in the international arena. RUSH technology is a Filipino pride a company based in Cebu City, Philippines. That will be visible together with IT giants worldwide in the near future. RUSH will be the generic word of ride someday.



RUSH is a convenient Car & Taxi hailing app with a highly upgraded version, unlike other hailing app that take a second to respond, RUSH app will give less than a millisecond or just a blink of an eye. It is powered by our very own (ART) Advance Rush Technology allow the user to request a ride using smartphones, tablet and track the progress of the driver in real time and offer an integrated payment, rating system, not only that, users can also Instagram, tweet and Facebook without leaving the app.


How to pay a ride

RUSH users pay for their rides within the app using their smartphone, can be cash, credit cards, RUSH cards, PayMaya & GCash a calculated amount of charged the payment source you have designated the cost is based on rides start at



RUSH group will make a background check on its drivers, vehicles cannot be more than 5 years old and must receive additional inspection, random drug testing for drivers all trips are covered by insurance policy. If experience an accident you can contact RUSH emergency response team or use help function in your RUSH app summary trip on contact us.


Additional Safety for Passengers

Details on the trip summary, paid with cash, credit card, paymaya and Gcash, distance run and duration, trip summary map, pick-up time and drop off time, vehicle information, drivers name, service type, billed to name of the passenger, record of payment type, ride cost, total trip cost, receipt/tax invoice, RUSH direct contact information for passenger complaint link.



Download RUSH app from Google play for Android and Apple Store for I.O.S or any QR codes from our billboards, stickers, coffee shop standees, RUSH ads, airports and seaports. RUSH is almost everywhere.


Basic features of Passenger App

Register & Log-in: Mobile no., email address, log-in option, accounts, credit cards, payment processing

Booking interface: a screen to enter the address to call a RUSH taxi or RUSH car select service type and set location for pick-up point

Tracking: To track drivers’ location, to make updates during or after ride, etc.,

Price calculation: To check the estimated cost of a ride for point A to point B with a certain service type before ordering

Payments: Cashless and in App, paid automatically via credit card, user receive and invoice to phone or email or just plain cash.

Push notifications: to keep users updated order status estimated time of taxi arrival and other details like car model, license plate, etc.

Messaging, ratings and review, booking history


Basic feature of Drivers App

Register/profile/status: with verification (taxi number) and approval by the administrator, plus online status and schedule

Booking: with options to accept or deny the incoming order, information on customers location and destination of a ride visible instantly, plus booking history

Push notification: For order alerts, taxi booking data, location, payment, route, etc., for order and updates and or completed

Navigation: Using 5 types of Maps, Google Map, Apple Map, Yandex, Waze Map and the RUSH Map.

We are here to provide you exceptional services to cater your needs and make you feel at ease for your every ride experience by ensuring your safety as we drive you to your destination.